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Factors that affect system costs:
  1. Number of activity types to be tracked (1. Just sales call 2. Sales calls and shipments 3. Sales call, shipments, invoices)
  2. Number concurrent users (Typical and maximum)
  3. Number of Reports
  4. Complexity of Reports (Simply query and group v. proprietary computations
  5. Physical location of database users (1. In Office 2. Office and Plant 3. Multiple cities)
  6. Level of security desired
  7. Current Hardware (only a factor if slow or obsolete)
  8. Multiple version of Access in the office.
  9. Data conversion from a legacy system. (Very big wildcard!)
  10. Clarity and client staff cohesiveness of objectives
  11. Validity Checking (Pick Lists, required fields, value limitations, uniqueness checking, etc.)